Driving Tuition:

Pass Your Driving Test with Tuition From Lee Hurren, Driving Instructor, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Lee's driving lessons are on a 1 to 1 basis, in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. All lessons are tailored to each pupil's needs and requirements and are structured to help you learn more quickly. You will have the choice of either a manual or an automatic car to learn in. Lee has the most up to date visual aids for driving and this helps all pupils understand fully what to do and when to do it so that ultimately they can easily pass their driving test. Lee picks up from any address, home or any other e.g. work, friends, college etc.


Driving Tuition can be:

  • single driving lessons

  • intensive driving courses over 1 or 2 weeks

  • semi intensive driving courses over 7-8 weeks


Lee provides an assessment lesson before you start your intensive driving course to make sure you reach the high standard required to pass the practical driving test. A mock driving test from the test centre where you start your driving test will ensure you have every opportunity to pass. Lee uses the same sheets as driving examiners use and marks pupils the same as all examiners to give the pupil an experience of driving solely on their own for forty minutes which is the average time of a practical driving test.


Mock Driving Tests - with Lee, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Lee has "sat in" on hundreds of driving tests so knows exactly how examiners speak and how they mark pupils on a practical driving test. There is a lot of difference between taking driving lessons to having a driving test so Lee prepares you fully and professionally so that on the day of your driving test you have already experienced the atmosphere you are likely to feel on the actual driving test. Lee's mock driving tests are the main reason why a big percentage of pupils pass their driving test first time. Lee offers Pass-Plus after you pass your practical test so that you can get cheaper insurance.


Pass Plus in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Lee helps pupils with the theory test and hazard perception tests. Lee lends CD's and books free to all pupils to help them with the theory test. Lee gives practice sheets to pupils to see if they are ready to apply for the theory test. Lee also gives you a sheet of questions and answers on the Show me/Tell Me Q&A which is now part of the start of the driving test.

You Pay as You Go with Lee so you can budget your money each week. All pupils learn at different speeds so Lee will assess your needs and requirements to find the best way forward in helping you progress more quickly. Lee gives patient and quality driving tuition and teaches in a Ford Fiesta. Lee has taught in many different makes of car and has found the Fiesta to be the most "forgiving" car with a lot of torque from the car so the pupil can feel comfortable with the car and instructor. The Fiesta clutch "bites" for the pupil without stalling easily so the pupil enjoys every lesson and progresses more quickly. A Fiesta is very easy to learn with. You take the driving test in the car you learn in.